ELPOS d.o.o. ( ELPOS Ltd.) is company specialized for creation of tehnical solutions, production, delivery and instalation of equipment for low temperature electric heatings. Company was founded in 1991 in town Pozega, Republic of Croatia, from experts of former KONCAR - EGE  (Electric heating elements ).

Our longterm work, and large number of business objects in which our equipment is installed, and technical solutions, are only the landmark of our expirence and determination of persistent ambition of being leader in our branch for which we are.

Thus, we are not pure merchants, but tehnicians who are oriented towards high end quality, safety and longterm customers satisfaction with instalment of
our low temperature electric heating programs.

ELPOS company has broad range of services and offers our cooperants and buyers the options of choosing for themselves the volume of cooperation. We stand for you with our know-how for:

  • creating technical solutions and documentation for electric heatings
  • production of heating cables and heating nets - production of full equipment for instalation, power supply solution and controlling electric heating processes
  • installment, testing and putting into normal useage of complete electric heating.
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Contact adress:
  1. ELPOS d.o.o.
  2. Radnovac 1
  3. HR-34308 JAKŠIĆ
  4. Republic of CROATIA
  1. phone: + 385 34 257 235
  2. fax:     + 385 34 257 162
  3. e-mail: elpos@elpos.hr
  4. url:   www.elpos.hr
Contact person:
  1. Jurica Grcić, M.Eng.EE
  1. phone: + 385 34 257 235
  2. fax:     + 385 34 257 162
  3. e-mail: jgrcic@elpos.hr